October 2, 2011

Hello, Boone.

"The wind blows where ever it pleases.
You hear it's sound, but you cannot tell
where it comes from or where it is going.
So it is with everyone born of the Spirit."
   John 3:8

First beautiful, sunset hike - Rough Ridge

So here it is, I caved, I am a blogger. Not only has Boone turned me into a cat-loving, painting, hiking, camping, organic food shopper, but I have also turned to Pez the family cat for friendship. There is something so neat about being a cat owner, they may be the most worry-free animals that own us. All day he sleeps, all night he hits my feet and meows two inches from my nose until I pet him. I even got to experience my first real sense of what parenthood might be like.. I handled a hairball.

Sir Pez Lucas & I

So as of today, the start of my third month as a Mountaineer, I have accomplished several things I guess I should share with you all. I have camped off of the beautiful, Linville trails in full fog and a torrential downpour, bought all local groceries, attempted to cook, and even painted a picture of the mountains. I have started reading again and joined a wonderful church college group at the local Lutheran church. The leaves have already begun to change and I have hiked over 10 trails after class, casually. It is a new life that is for sure, and has been a rough transition. But I think by Christmas I'll have my feet on the ground and be in love with this place. It is surreal how close you are to nature here, and it really does have me inspired to start to teach. The mountains and views make me think of Robinson Crusoe and have me mystified as to how people used to live in this crazy weather without the technology so readily available today. 

First swimming hole - off Winkler's Creek

 First miserable camping experience - Linville Gorge - in the rain/fog

In conclusion, this blog is for my family back home to keep up with my random mountain adventures, and I will try and keep it as updated as I can to keep you all well informed. Hopefully I won't bore you to death. I love you all and wish you were here. Come visit! By the way, if you want to check out my one for my Technology in Schools class here it is: http://www.lucaskv.blogspot.com

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  1. KayKay! Glad you are doing this - you have great words, and we will all like to be mountain folks through you. :) Love you girl - and I am wondering, did you jump into the water that day? xoxo mom